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Sucrose Esters

One product, multiple possibilities

A wide range of HLB catering for a wide range of applications.

Market Segment

Food & Beverage
Personal Care & Cosmetics


Wide range of HLB
for multiple applications

Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Balance (HLB) is a measure of how hydrophilic or lipophilic an emulsifier is,
as determined by calculating values for the different regions of the molecule.
Range HLB Capability
Low HLB 3 - 6 W/O-emulsifier
Medium HLB 7 - 10 Wetting agent
High HLB 8 - 16 O/W-emulsifier
Superior HLB 17 - 20 Solubilizing Agent

Multiple added functions on top of its primary role as an emulsifier

  • Aeration & Foaming agent – Provides better aeration and consistent air bubbles
  • Anti-caking & Lubricant
  • Antimicrobial effect – Assists in retardation of microbial growth
  • Protein interaction – Effects Gluten modification/hydration & improved protein stability
  • Rheology modifier – Adjusts viscosity
  • Starch interaction – Delays staling & reduces stickiness
  • Sugar interactionControls rate of crystallisation
  • Uniform fat emulsification – Creates consistent and better fat emulsification phases
  • Custom solutions

Safe for consumption
& biodegradable

  • Sucrose esters break down into simple sugars (glucose and fructose) and fatty acids in the digestive tract of humans and are therefore safe for consumption.
  • The emulsifier is also biodegradable and is environmentally friendly.

Neutral in taste, odour & colour

Does not interfere with desired sensory attributes of final applications. By contrast, many conventional emulsifiers are prone to impart an undesired taste or will require a masking effect to hide their negative food impacts.