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Pushing the boundaries of particle size

By creating fine nano-sized particles, the SoluClear™ emulsion is able to impart excellent clarity for liquids while incorporating flavour and colour into the final product. The influence of High Purity Sucrose Esters provides stability to the emulsion, preventing separation and ringing.


Food & Beverage

Product Details

Imparts excellent
long-term stability

High purity sucrose esters induce micelles to form tightly packed structures and increase hydration, resulting in the prevention of oil leakage and improved steric stability. The combined effect leads to resistance against changes in physicochemical properties, thus improving shelf life.

Low dosage

At a low dose, high purity sucrose esters ensure excellent clarity, are more cost-effective, and provide an authentic flavour profile with minimal off-taste in the final product.

Easily dispersible in cold water

Cold water dispersible

After a few drops of the emulsion in cold water, with a simple stir, you will have a complete dispersion.

A delicious range of flavours and fragrance

We can incorporate a wide range of flavours and fragrances into emulsions.

Flavour & Fragrance

Exotic Oils

Excellent clarity
in end application

SoluClear™ provides crystal clear end applications with the same clarity as filtered water.