Innovative Solubilisation of Flavours, Colours and Nutraceuticals for Clear Beverages


The rise in demand for healthier, more natural products poses challenges to beverage formulators as many of the materials of interest such as natural flavour, colour and nutraceutical oils are not water-soluble. The SoluClear™ technology, innovated by Compass Foods, overcomes these formulating challenges as it enables the solubilisation of a wide range of oil-based materials. The unique technology thus allows for product innovations that cater to the needs of the global market.


With SoluClear™ technology, formulators can achieve emulsions of excellent clarity and stability.


SoluClear™ describes a process of oil encapsulation into micelles, a well-known structure where the oil (pictured in yellow) forms a spherical core surrounded by sucrose monoester emulsifier molecules (pictured as blue head with a yellow body). The micelle structure is 15 to 50 nm in diameter which is 350 times smaller than a human hair. The nano size of the micelles gives rise to clear emulsions. The following animation demonstrates the effect:


At the heart of the SoluClear™ technology is Habo Monoester P90, the next generation non-ionic water-soluble emulsifier. It is tasteless, odourless and both Halal and Kosher-certified. In addition, it has achieved EU and JECFA approvals as well as the US FDA-validated GRAS status and regulatory approvals in various countries across the globe.

Learn more about the functionality of SoluClearTM here:

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Learn more about the functionality of SoluClearTM here: