SoluClear™ Flavour

Achieves excellent clarity and stability with brighter and more authentic taste


The solubilisation process of natural citrus and mint flavours in beverages has been a constant challenge to beverage formulators due to the flavour oils’ hydrophobicity. In most cases, formulators resort to washing the flavour oils with propylene glycol or alcohol, or converting them into emulsions using conventional emulsifiers such as polysorbate. These processes, however, involve certain drawbacks such as the loss of aromatic compounds and volatiles in washed flavours as well as the undesired bitter taste of conventional emulsifiers.


The SoluClear™ process utilising Habo Monoester P90, on the other hand, allows the encapsulation of the complete oil, including all of the aromatic and volatile components. Additionally, since P90 is neutral in taste, flavour oils can be encapsulated without affecting their original profile.


With SoluClear™, natural flavours can be encapsulated without affecting its original profile, giving fresher and more authentic flavours.


SoluClear™ emulsions are stable even in low pH environments and are recommended for any clear beverage, pasteurised or not. As compared to conventional microemulsions, P90-based nanoemulsions use a much lower emulsifier-to-oil ratio.


Sensory evaluation has shown that SoluClear™ Flavour demonstrates far more superior sensory profiles, particularly in peely, juicy and bright flavour profiles desired by consumers. SoluClear™ Flavours are recommended for carbonated soft drinks, flavoured waters, teas, sport drinks, juices and more.


Key Benefits of SoluClear™ Flavour:

• Improved stability

• Fresher, brighter and more authentic taste

• Excellent clarity

• Polysorbate-free


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