SoluClear™ Colour

A Revolutionary Process for Solubilising Natural Colours


Natural or nature-identical colours such as paprika and carotenoids (beta-carotene, apocarotenal, astaxanthin and lutein) present formulation challenges because they are insoluble in water.  The SoluClear™ brand represents our unique process for solubilising these colours into clear beverages with excellent clarity, stability and virtually no taste and aroma impact. Compass Foods' Habo Monoester P90, with an HLB of 18, makes this technology possible.


With SoluClear™, natural and nature-identical colours can be encapsulated to produce emulsions with excellent clarity and virtually no taste and aroma impact.


SoluClear™ Colour has a totally clear appearance with emulsion droplets of 20-80 nm. It improves the solubility and stability of the colour pigments and provides resistance to ringing in beverages. In addition, they are stable even in low pH beverages and are recommended for coloured beverages, pasteurized or not.


As compared to conventional microemulsions, P90-based nanoemulsions use a much lower emulsifier-to-oil ratio. SoluClear™ Colour applications encompass carbonated soft drinks, flavoured waters, teas, sport drinks, juices and more.


Key Benefits of SoluClear™ Colour:

• Excellent clarity

• Improved stability

• Very minimal taste and aroma impact

• Exceptional resistance to ringing and sedimentation

• Suitable to low pH applications

• Good shelf life

• Polysorbate-free



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