Backed by science and years of research & development, our experts are able to solubilise various oil-based materials into stable nanoemulsions.

Sucrose Esters of Fatty Acid

Meets FAO/WHO, US FDA & EFSA requirements

We provide a wide range of HLB values to tackle a varity of emulsification challenges.


Widely accepted in the global market

Synergies among emulsifiers bring about extraordinary impacts on final applications.


Unravel solutions for two immiscible liquids

Discover unique solubilisation technology for the fabrication of nanoemulsions. Adeptly turn oil-soluble components into effective water-based applications with excellent clarity and stability in end applications.

Looking for a specific product?

Please contact us and let us know the details of the product you are looking for

At Compass Foods Pte Ltd, our clients can choose to pursue product customisation. Through company collaboration, the CF team can deliver compelling options for formulators who require specific applications in their emulsifiers. With our products, we guarantee quality, tailored solutions made precisely for your company’s needs.