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Habo PGE-C

Discover the potential of PGE

Polyglycerol Esters of Fatty Acid are a versatile water-dispersible and oil-soluble additive that can be used for various applications. Its fatty acid is bound by esterification with polyglycerol, aiding in its main function as an emulsifier. 

Our Habo PGE-C range has shown excellent synergy with our High-Purity Sucrose Esters. PGE-C’s role as a co-emulsifier means it improves the stability of the emulsion.

Product Details

Habo PGE-C

and EU regulations

Complies with Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) and EU regulations

Multiple added functions on top of it's primary role as an emulsifier

  • Aeration & Foaming agent – Provides better aeration and consistent air bubbles
  • Anti-caking & Lubricant
  • Protein interaction – Influences gluten hydration/modification & improved protein stability
  • Rheology modifier – Adjusts the viscosity
  • Starch interaction – Delays staling & reduces stickiness
  • Sugar interactionControls the rate of crystallisation
  • Uniform fat emulsification – Creates a consistent and better fat emulsification phase
  • Custom solutions

Rapidly covers
oil droplets surface

Small molecules consisting of emulsifiers — such as high-purity sucrose esters or polyglycerol esters of fatty acid (Habo PGE-C)— can rapidly cover the surface of small oil droplets, effectively preventing coalescence.