Compass Foods Launches New Website


September 21, 2016


Compass Foods announced today that the company has launched a completely new website, The Experts in Innovative Solubilization, which was designed to give product development teams all the information they need to apply Compass’s innovative solubilisation technologies to the creation of beverage, confectionery and nutritional products.


The new site explains how Habo Monoester P90, the company’s flagship product, redefines the way oil-soluble materials are transformed into water-soluble alternatives. The site also demonstrates how SoluClear™, a proprietary technology that uses P90 to overcome solubilization challenges, is revolutionizing the development of clear beverages. Using animations and laboratory videos, the Compass process is shown to produce clear and stable flavor, color and nutraceutical emulsions.


The site also details Compass’s other products and technologies, including Habo SL and HHSL Sunflower Lecithins; Acti-Encap Coffee emulsion technology; Instacloud P90 based cloudifier and Habo Sucrose Esters.


In making this announcement, Elsa Wong, Compass Foods Application specialist, stated that “We are all very excited about the launch of the new site. It will be instrumental in the introduction of our technologies and products to customers around the world."

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