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With its application in personal care and cosmetics, NanoClear is reliably used to provide viscosity to ointments, giving a satin-like emollient feel to creams while enhancing authentic fragrance.


Personal Care & Cosmetics

Excellent clarity
as a base solubiliser

NanoClear is a versatile emulsion providing unparalleled solubilisation for active oils with a clear appearance in products across the personal care and cosmetics industry.

Solubilises fragrances into an emulsion

In the cosmetics industry, oil-based fragrances often need to be diluted into a water base. Sucrose esters function as a way to seamlessly blend these two materials together, providing a safe, non-irritating way to enhance the potency of scents and evenly distribute oils throughout a product. 

Improve Solubilisation Stability

The integration of sucrose esters into a formula leads to a reduction in interfacial tension between oil- and water-soluble liquids. Advantageously allowing for smaller, more stable nanoparticles to form. This diminutive size takes less energy to maintain, helping your product remain emulsified for extended periods of time.