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High Purity
Sucrose Esters

A breakthrough in the world of emulsification

With the world’s highest HLB and monoester content, our sucrose esters redefine the way oil-soluble materials are emulsified.


Food & Beverage
Personal Care & Cosmetics


Product Details by Application

Food & Beverage


Personal Care & Cosmetics

Effectively lowers the
interfacial tension

Small-size non-ionic surfactants reduce the interfacial tension of phases at a much lower concentration than larger-size surfactants, obtaining smaller droplet sizes and thus improving ease of emulsification.

Odourless and tasteless
in your final product

Our sucrose esters can maintain an authentic taste profile while not interfering with the desired sensory attributes of final applications.

Rapidly covers
oil droplets surface

Small molecules consisting of emulsifiers — such as high-purity sucrose esters or polyglycerol esters of fatty acid — can rapidly cover the surface of small oil droplets, effectively preventing coalescence.

Imparts excellent
long-term stability

High purity sucrose esters induce micelles to form tightly packed structures and increase hydration, resulting in the prevention of oil leakage and improved steric stability. The combined effect leads to resistance against changes in physicochemical properties, thus improving shelf life.

Low dosage

At a low dose, high purity sucrose esters ensure excellent clarity, are more cost-effective, and provide an authentic flavour profile with minimal off-taste in the final product.