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Compass Foods has been at the cutting edge of food science. Backed by science and years of research and development, our experts are able to solubilise various oil-based materials into stable nanoemulsions.

A next generation emulsifier, Habo Monoester P90 is the most water-soluble emulsifier commercially available in the world owing to its unprecedentedly high sucrose monoester purity as well as HLB value.

These naturally sourced and allergen-free lecithin work synergistically with Habo Monoester P90 through stabilising the P90-encapsulated micelles.

Habo Sucrose Esters encompass a range of sucrose ester products with various HLB values. The wide range of HLB of Habo Sucrose Esters allow for their use in various applications such as beverages, sauces, confectioneries and many others.

Years of research and development has yielded the unique SoluClearTM technology to address formulation challenges in solubilising oil-based materials in food and beverages. With the use of Habo Monoester P90 as the main emulsifying agent, SoluClearTM could produce clear and stable flavour, colour and nutraceutical emulsions.

Made from emulsified coconut oil, InstaCloud provides the desirable and instant cloudiness for cloudy beverages, making their looks more appealing and natural.

Acti-Encap Coffee is emulsified coffee oil containing the desirable, key aromatic flavourants. The dried emulsion powder can be reconstituted into instant coffee to improve the instant coffee drinking experience.