- The Cutting edge of food science -

Experts in

We develop state-of-the-art emulsifiers for food & beverage,
pharmaceutical, personal care & cosmetics, agricultural, and technical industries.

At the cutting edge
of food science

Our expertise is in solubilising oil-based materials into stable nanoemulsions.

Next generation emulsifiers & monoesters

Globally providing a wide range of powerful and high HLB emulsifiers (What is HLB?)

Patented, proprietary technologies

We create proprietary products and technologies through intensive R&D.

Innovative Solubilisation

With our state-of-the-art lab technology,
we develop innovative solutions in the form of sucrose esters and solubilisation products for our clients’ needs.

Our Proprietary Range Of High Purity Sucrose Esters

Our High Purity Sucrose Esters provide superior solubilisation properties for a broad variety of oil-based materials.

Solubilisation through Innovation

We deliver specific solubilisation solutions for the global marketplace.